Zoom Portrait Photoshop Elements Tutorials for Beginners

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Here’s a fun Photoshop Elements tutorial for beginners, creating a zoom effect portrait. This zoom effect is easy to do with Photoshop Elements and is a perfect beginners project. We will be working in Photoshop Elements Expert Mode but I show you step-by-step how to complete the project including downloading the original image and the proper way to save at the end. This Photoshop Elements portrait project uses, layers and layer masks, along with a special blur filter to create this exciting zoom effect.

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Sites used in this project:
Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/photos/summer-outdoors-travel-lovely-3229595/

00:00 Zoom Portrait Photoshop Elements Tutorials for Beginners
00:39 Download the original image
01:38 Open the image
01:51 Make 2 copies of background and name the layers
02:26 Make a selection around the subject
03:28 Clean up with Refine Edge
04:50 Clean up Layer Mask
06:14 Clean up skyline on zoom layer
07:53 Create Zoom Effect
08:43 Adjust Image Values
09:43 Adjust Color Saturation
10:21 Save
11:01 Print
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Duration: 00:12:15