Zombie Nation (LMMS Cover)

#Kernkraft400 #ZombieNation #LMMSCover #AdobeAfterEffects #AdobeAudition

Hi everyone,

I’m still on my #LMMS learning journey and made this cover song while figuring out various effects. In this one I recorded the vocals (“zombie” & “zombie nation”) on my phone & changed the pitch in Adobe Audition until I realized LMMS has the majority of the same effects built-in. It’s so awesome and adds a whole new dimension to the sound 😀 Am starting to play around with pitch bending now to add a bit more blend & flow to notes.Going to take a lot of practice 😐

I hope you like this experimental version. I still have so much to learn but it’s great to see progress, albeit it minor *LoooooL* Please subscribe to my channel if you want to follow my journey into hopefully becoming better at making music 😀

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Duration: 00:02:03