Zach King Magic Box Trick Effect Advanced Tutorial | After Effects CC 2017

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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create this Zach King-like movie magic trick effect where you will disappear into a box and then come out the other side. This is definitely a fun one but also can be very tedious. I would call this one an advanced tutorial because you should know the basics of After Effects and how masking works before diving into this one. I do not go through this one with a step-by-step process. I assume you already know how to create masks and use keyframes. Here I will show you where to place the masks, how I shot it, and how to get rid of shadows & harsh lines that appear with masks and different lighting situations. Remember the most important part to this effect is how you shoot it. That will be the key in how long you end up in post production as that can be very time-consuming.

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• For this tutorial, I use After Effects CC 2017. No plugins are required.

Video tutorial by Max Bard @magicbard


• Pay close attention to your composition when shooting (see tutorial for exact way to shoot it).
• Use masks not only to subtract shadows but also highlight shadows.
• Make sure to film a background plate.

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