Zach Ingram June 2020 General Demo Reel

Happy Place – 2019
“Happy Place” was a silent film that I came on for as the Director of Photography and as an editor/compositor. Given the nature of the film, I knew a lot needed to be done in post in terms of the “white void/happy place” areas, so after filming, my primary focus was working the green screen segments with a combination of keying and rotoscoping techniques in After Effects and Mocha Pro.

A World In View – 2020
“A World In View” was another film I asked to be brought on for after reading the script, knowing it was another instance where much like “Happy Place,” it was going to need its shots not only designed for post, but also on a tight turnaround to make it possible to shoot on set. Many shots needed instances of “blinding light”, so the (dead) mother character, Lauren Navek, had to have most of our lights set up behind her so there were real highlights to her figure on top of physically lighting the room. This saved a lot of time in post and allowed me to just focus mainly on rotoscoping her and adding the proper glow behind her.

Sock It To Me – 2020
“Sock It To Me” was a comedic short film that had one car scene involving a green screen. It was known that this was going to be a pain to make it look right, so I came on while editing “A World In View” to work it the best I could in NukeX.

NCMF Work – 2020
When I was working for the National Center for Media Forensics, often times we would have projects that we would have to mix footage together and make it look like one seamless video. In these examples, we needed to mix footage not only from our Sony FS5, but also our smartphones for both the green screen and the background plates.

Particle Advection Project – 2020
A personal project where I was experimenting with particles from the X Particles plug-in from Insydium, following some tutorials while making my own tweaks and changes along the way. After the final render was done, I brought it into After Effects to bring up the colors a bit and add a slight glow to the highlights.

Hold On/BRB Stream Layouts – 2020
Another personal project where I took what I currently knew from my expedition into Cinema 4D and went out to make something for my streams. Aside from checking how certain things needed to be put together in the way I thought they should, this was made entirely myself. The BRB layout was brought in to After Effects to add the text and the added hue-shifting glow.

Rasmussen Animation – 2018
A project where I took a classic painting and isolated elements in photoshop in order to animate it in After Effects. Just a silly idea I had to make the ship fall into frame.

Strakh – 2019
Another film project I was brought on for to help design the sets, but my main focus in the reel is to show the intro sequence that I put together. Made in After Effects.

Fandom Sports Ad

Was contracted to create a short advert for a client’s app. The most direction given was the idea of the ad, which was to show “passion.” Everything else had to be arranged and created by me.
Shot with a Sony A7R2, edited in After Effects.
Special thanks to Frank Agyepong, Wanya Whitfield, and Jonathan Roberts for being my actors!

The Iron Tribe – 2019
A short documentary that I created with the helpful collaboration of David Lobdell, a professor at New Mexico Highlands University. Every other year, sculpture artists from around the world come to the small town of Las Vegas, New Mexico and have a get-together to melt some iron and cast some artwork!

Duration: 108

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