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Caution, alien butts ahead!
A video of Sploot (feat. Elith and Roxxe)
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Edit: Since people don’t read descriptions I’ll bump this up. Sploot is genderless, they’re neither male nor female. Please refer to Sploot as they/them.

If you get inspired/base your animation on my version, please credit me! ^^

It’s been a while since Sploot got a video dedicated to them. One and a half years to be exact… I created them specifically for the Alien Time animation, which I had never done before. They were created as a joke, a one-time appearance, but everyone grew attached to them (me included) so they stayed as a character.

Now, this alien takes place in the Angel Code story as a mascot character for a brand. They’re not an actual character in the story, just an icon (something like, let’s say, Hello Kitty is to us.)

In this story, there are humans and monsters living together in a cursed city where monsters are visible to humans. Sploot represents the monster side of the population. Selling clothes to various species who can’t fit in human clothing, or just what something humans wouldn’t normally wear.

Note that this is a fanservice story.

Also, I want to clarify before any confusion occurs, Sploot is genderless. They’re neither male nor female.

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Original meme by ZZEFF

♫Music By♫
●Di Young – Pixel Pig
●Song – https://youtu.be/TiC7_167hQ0
●Download/Stream – https://fanlink.to/cA4m


Animated in Macromedia Flash 8
Edited in Adobe After Effects

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Duration: 00:00:54