World 2 Intro: Slowly Devoid of Light

sayin “world 2″ like this is a real game
it’s not i have no plans to make it but it’s just fun to title things as if it’s a real game

Ok so basically, this kid, Praeco, lives above* space and he prophesied that something was gonna try to destroy stars. So he wanted to help the people who would be affected, but no one else around him did (Eienni, these weird angel thingies have a kinda trash society). He was gonna go off alone, but he got sent a little divine helper who took the form of a crocodile in a jar (he’s hidden in this image, totally not just because I don’t know how to draw a crocodile).
So he had to go to the lower* dimension to help out, and the beginning of that is where we get this scene. The reason there are no stars or anything is because he’s in a place that the monster has darkened, maybe temporarily, maybe permanently, I dunno.

*”Above” and “lower” don’t refer to any virtuousness or anything, the Eienni kinda just live outside space and it’s easier to say higher and lower.

also the title comes from Eienni being very connected with light and therefore it is Spooky for this kid to be in very dark place

oh and the music is supposed to be a call and response from Praeco to people he’s trying to warn! Praeco is the metallic noises

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ya girl can use adobe premiere effects
i didn’t want a static picture so you get The Wobble™
Tried out a new art style, was pretty fun
heck youtube compression it made it blurry 🙁

Duration: 00:01:05