Working with shapes in figma in Urdu/Hindi | Figma tutorial in Urdu/Hindi part 7

Figma working with shapes in Hindi | | Figma course in Urdu/Hindi part 7
In this video, you will learn about “how to use shapes in figma”. You must know about the shape tools because when you start creating website ui design in Figma or mobile app ui design in figma, you will need to use shapes for sure. I am teaching you here how to use shapes in Figma.

Shapes are the main part of any UI design. No design can be done without shapes.
The shape tool menu in the toolbar of Figma has all the basic shape options.
By default, you have a rectangle tool and you have an arrow beside this, here you can click to explore all the 6 tools.
Figma has a total of 6 tools:
1.Rectangle Tool
2.Line Tool
3.Arrow Tool
4.Ellipse Tool
5.Polygon Tool
6.Star Tool

Let’s discuss each Figma tool one by one:
❯1.Rectangle Tool of Figma
Both rectangles and squares can be created with the help of this rectangle too of Figma.
💡 Keyboard Shortcut R
❯2. Line tool of Figma:
You can create lines in any direction with this tool. Lines are used in UI designing in Figma to divide sections.
💡 Keyboard Shortcut L
❯3. Arrow Tool of Figma:
You will able to draw one or both headed arrows in Figma.
💡 Shortcut ⇧ + L
❯4. Ellipse tool of Figma
You can draw Ovals and Circles with the help of this Ellipse tool in Figma. You can use these in their shapes or you can change shapes with some extra controls you can see in this video. You will be able to create custom shapes in figma.
💡 Keyboard Shortcut O
❯5. Polygon Tool of Figma
You can draw an enclosed shape. By default, it’s a triangle but you are allowed to increase the size to make other shapes like hexagon, the pentagon in Figma.
❯6. Star Tool of Figma
You can create a 5 pointed star with 10 sides by default but you are allowed to add more points and sides.
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