Winter’s rose – Casper’s lullaby

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Another After Effects project.

Story: by me. Many thanks goes to MikeDo, unstable and SewerRanger from IHIQS Forums who helped translating the text from Greek to English.
Music: Casper’s Lullaby
Page ink effect:
Images: from internet, slightly processed with Photoshop

“Once upon a time, up on the clouds, there was a neighborhood where happily lived all the Snowflakes of Winter. They sang and played until the day Earth would call them to dress her with their white veil.

But one little snowflake was different from the others. She was neither playing nor singing. She wanted to touch the velvet petals of a rose and smell its scent. But her father, Winter, told her roses bloom only in spring, therefore, she would never see a blooming rose; that’s why the little snowflake was so sad.

Autumn saw her crying and with her warm heart, she told her that each season has its own magic and that she will be very happy when the journey with the others snowflakes begins. But she refused to listen. Until one day, she spied a beautiful rosebush in a green garden.

-You have the most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen, cried the little snowflake.

-It’s the first time a snowflake speaks to me, replied the rosebush with a smile. But why are you crying?

-I wish I could touch a petal of a rose and fill myself with its scent. But snowflakes cannot live in spring. I will always be unhappy and that scares me more than anything.

-Come to me, said the rose. I promise I will keep you until winter comes and you be born again.

The snowflake remained skeptical for a while wanting to believe the rose’s words, and then looked at her again.

-At the very least, she said, you can be proud to that you have met a snowflake in the spring.

She closed her eyes and fell from the clouds to meet the rosebush. At that moment, all she wished was not to melt until she could feel the touch of the red petals. Winter and Autumn saw the little snowflake. Autumn looked at Winter. They both knew that when the snowflake melted, she would transform into a drop of water the thirsty Earth would drink. So, Autumn, with a wave of her hand drove away the heat while Winter, with a blast for a few moments, cooled the air. And these moments were enough for the snowflake to reach the rosebush. She opened wider the petals of a rose to catch her.

-This is how happiness smells, she said and made a drop of water.
-So this how touching winter feels, said the rosebush, putting all her strength to close her petals and keep her not reopening them to let the snowflake roll to the ground for the thirsty Earth to drink her.

Days went by and became weeks; the weeks became months; the rosebush would not open her petals until Winter reached and the drop of water froze to be born again as a snowflake. Only then she opened her frosted rose leaves.
She smiled at the little snowflake she had protected and unable to endure winter’s cold, she withered. The little snowflake became very sad and began crying. But her tears were warm, like spring rain and watered the heart of the rose which suddenly bloomed again.
Ever since, in that garden, there is a rosebush that never withers. The locals call it “Winter’s Rose”; its petals have a beautiful, deep red colour throughout the year. Only if someone cuts a flower will it dry. And they say that if a warm and innocent heart makes a wish before the petal dries, the wish always comes true…”

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