WINDOW SMASH one-take effect tutorial! (After Effects)

Learn how to do a DIY window smash effect in Adobe After Effects in our latest tutorial!
Watch the final effect here:

Here’s another trick video effect you can try at home – smashing through a window and falling out of the building, all in one take! This is a style of shot often seen in Hollywood action films, including A Good Day To Die Hard, Quantum of Solace and Fast & Furious 7, where a character will jump out a window or fall off a ledge and the camera tilts over the edge so see where they fall or land.

Made using both practical and digital elements (from Video Copilot’s action essentials), and some creative compositing in Adobe After Effects.

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So this is an effect shot that I’d been wanting to try for a little while. It’s basically similar to something that you would see in an action film where characters jump through a window or fall off a ledge and the camera actually tilts down so that you can see where they fall. Now, the first thing to say, is this is definitely not the easiest or most basic way to film a ‘window smash’ effect. I’ve seen versions of this effect just done on a tripod or as a sequence of shots where it just cuts between one shot inside and one shot outside the house. But I wanted to make this look like a single unedited long take because I love it when films use long takes instead of quick cuts in their action scenes. I just think it looks so much more impressive, plus, I’m always trying to make these effects the very best they can be just using the tools I already have. And if you’re enjoying these DIY Hollywood Effect Tutorials, please subscribe and you will get to see some more.

So I designed this sequence as a shot with a moving camera that would follow the subject through the broken window and tilt down to see where he landed. So if you don’t want to stitch a lot of shots together, this is probably not the right effect to try. I broke the sequence down into the elements that could be filmed for real. And I came up with a sequence of five key shots that I figured I could probably cut together and give them the appearance of one long take.

After blending the 5 clips together, I added some loud glass breaking to really sell the window smash and some dinosaur noises at the beginning to give me a really good reason to want to jump out of a window! And if you enjoyed this one, why not drop a comment for what Hollywood effect you would like to see recreated next.

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