When I Get Home /// SHORT FILM

Hi, so, I’m a indie filmmaker (that’s not as hipster as it sounds, I promise) and I like to make short films, usually of the sci fi and horror genres. As you’ve probably guessed by the name of my channel, my names Jacob (if you did figure that out then good for you) and I currently; write, direct, star in and edit all my videos, myself, that then upload as soon as I possibly can.
I’ve been film making for a lot of my life, starting with shitting animation films using Lego and a flip phone, but after learning how to better myself and getting tips from wherever I can, I’ve ended up here.

After waking up in the comfort of his own home, a young boy finds that everything he’s ever know or loved is slowly slipping away. A string of hauntingly mysterious text messages have been sent to him, he’s left alone and confused to fend for himself, can he find out what it all means?

Camera – NIKON COOLPIX L840 (no add on lens, it’s a bridge camera)

Mic – MY iPHONE (yeah, I know lol)

Editing Softwares – ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC 2017 (the film and footage itself), ADOBE AUDITION CC 2017 (for the audio and editing sound effects) and ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CC 2017 (for any images featured in my films and for my thumbnails too.

You can stalk me more here:
•Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jacobxfoster/
•Twitter (@jacobxfoster) – https://www.twitter.com/JACOBXFOSTER
•Twitter (Foster It Home Films) – http://twitter.com/jfosterfilms

Duration: 415

Likes: 15