What is Motion Graphics? – After Effects Basics Tutorial Series | Motion Graphics Basics – Part 1

In this video, you will learn what is Motion Graphics, Where it is used, How you can create motion graphics animations. This is the basic knowledge that will help you in understanding Motion Graphics in a better way.

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🎬 Some Helpful Tutorials:

◾ Energy Text Reveal Animation in Ae – https://youtu.be/DVA3LwzhThs
◾ Create Fire Text Animation in Ae – https://youtu.be/Zs4wt2NN5jw
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◾ Create Epic Cinematic Trailer Titles in Ae – https://youtu.be/4Ad1pagBG8E
◾ Realistic Wet Ground Texture in Blender – https://youtu.be/1uIaeW5jpXM
◾ Kinetic Typography Text Animation Tutorial in Ae – https://youtu.be/cjNKaZtQCCA
◾ Creative Text Reveal Animation in Ae – https://youtu.be/SJ7jLIHFY_A
◾ 3D Logo Reveal Animation in Ae – https://youtu.be/9SXQ3DstDAE


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