What is friendship?

Local Exeter charity ‘Urafiki’ asked up to create a stimulating and engaging animated text film to promote and inform about who they are and what they do. The output format is mainly their website so length of time was taken into consideration, but also was supplied on DVD format for distribution to current and potential members. It is also to be used as a way to introduce the charity at talks and events to new members.

“The word Urafiki means friendship in Kiswahili. Urafiki is a small charity whose aim is to bring people together as friends in the UK and beyond to support health, education and social projects in Africa.”

You can get involved at URAFIKI.ORG.UK


Mainly created using After Effects and also Photoshop for some compositions.

Original Music was composed specifically to link in with the movement and emotion of the text by Paul Street

Duration: 183

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