What is Brutalism? Create Brutal Motion Graphics in After Effects

20,000+ AE & PR Templates: https://www.sonduckfilm.com/ – In this After Effects tutorial, we’ll explore the world of Brutalism, a unique and unconventional style of architecture and design that emerged in the mid-20th century. We’ll take a deep dive into the principles of Brutalism, examining its raw, rugged aesthetic and its emphasis on functionality and honesty in design.

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We’ll show you how to create your own Brutalist-inspired motion graphics in After Effects. You’ll learn how to use various tools and techniques to achieve the distinctive visual style of Brutalism, including harsh geometric shapes, bold typography, and a limited color palette.

Whether you’re a designer looking to explore new styles or a motion graphics artist looking to add something new to your portfolio, this tutorial is sure to inspire and challenge you. So grab your computer and get ready to unleash your inner Brutalist!

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0:23 Technique 1 – Textures & Big Fonts
2:15 Technique 2 – Future Graphics
5:25 MotionDuck
5:52 Technique 3 – Effects
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