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Enquire now Abirakast 250MG tablet online as it contains the active ingredient named Abiraterone Acetate 250mg tablet. It acts on the body to stop it from making testosterone, the action of this medicine helps to slow down the growth of cancer cells. This medicine has been made by Aprazer Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Aprazer Healthcare is a growing pharmaceutical company engaged in Manufacturing of Oncology / Hepatology and other Speciality Drugs.

What is the uses of Abiraterone Acetate 250mg?
Generic Abiraterone Acetate 250mg tablets as this medicine is used in combination with Cortan to treat men with prostate cancer which has spread to other parts of the body and has not responded to any surgical treatment used for menacing the testosterone levels.

Indications of Abiraterone cost malaysia:
Abiraterone is a CYP17 inhibitor indicated-
For those who are not clinically indicated for chemotherapy, with prednisone or prednisolone.
For the treatment of patients with metastatic CRPC who have received prior chemotherapy containing docetaxel in combination with prednisone
For the treatment of metastatic CRPC in adult men who are mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic after the failure of androgen deprivation therapy.

Indian abiraterone common side effect:
Taking abiraterone in merging with prednisolone is known to reduce the risk of side effects. Most male swallow this medicine are notice to not have any problems or any kind of side effects. Although the following are some possible side effects:
Fluid retention, High blood pressure, A risk of a fast, irregular heartbeat, Hot flushes, Liver problems, Headache, Joint pains, Cold-like symptoms may occur, Feeling tired or Fatigued; This is not include all side effect. keep in your mind to inform your doctor if you experience anything that is not part of the list mentioned above.

Dosage instructions:
The suggest dose command are mentioned below, but before ordering this medicine online Ask your doctor as this is a prescription medicine:
The medication must be consumed orally.
Recommended Dosage Allowance- 1,000mg (four 250 mg tablets)
It should be consumed once a day, in combination with prednisone 5mg which needs to be consumed orally- twice- daily.
Generic Abiraterone acetate 250mg tablet price Philippines must be swallow on an empty stomach only.
Dont crush and chew this tablet only swallow the tablet as a whole with water.

What do you do, when you missed a dose?
If you miss this medicine to eat, skip the missed dosage and go back to your regular dosing schedule from the next day onwards. Donttake two medicine to manage the first dosage. And you missed a more than one dosage, contact your doctor before taking the next dosage.

Medicine Details:
Brand Name: Abirakast
Salt name: Abiraterone Acetate
Manufacture: Aprazer Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Strength: 250mg
Form: Tablet

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