What 1000 Hours in Blender Taught Me (Part 2)

What be going on guys Commander here and welcome to a video where I am going to be talking about what spending 1000 hours in Blender has taught me.

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Continuing on with the second part of my 3D modelling journey I am going to show off the process of me creating a 3D character inside of Blender and how to go from an empty workplace to a fully rigged 3D character. Hope You Enjoy.

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If you are new on my channel Hi my name is CommanderPrime and I am a gaming YouTuber that likes to make gameplay videos and commentaries on a variety of different games.

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Aside from that my channel is mainly videos on whatever I feel would make good content from PC Building Simulator where I gather different PC components for tutorials or performance comparisons to me talking about new and upcoming news about Halo and Star Wars games and giving my thoughts on them. Maybe you will be interested in my playlist where I review all of the Star Wars movies and where I am going to be reviewing each season of Clone Wars and Rebels. You will also see other random videos as well like Substance Painter time-lapses, Traitor work in progress or the Clone Wars Adventures Emulator.

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