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:: This course is designed for creatives who ::

1 :: Are new to the world of 3D graphics and design, and want a less technical approach to learning about 3D design.

2 :: Are seasoned graphic designers who want to incorporate 3D graphics into their projects and portfolio.

3 :: Want to quickly and easily incorporate 3D artwork and design for clients’ presentation.

4 :: Want to use 3D graphics in their school assignments.

5 :: Want to harness the creative possibilities in working between 2D and 3D graphics inside Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem.

:: Adobe Dimension (3D application) ::

We will be using Adobe Dimension to kickstart our journey into the world of 3D design. Adobe Dimension offers many advantages for creatives ::

1 :: Native 3D design app in Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem: Ability to create content for UX/AR, design 3D graphics with Photoshop, product and brand visualization, and virtual photography.

2 :: Import 3D models from other applications such as Adobe Medium (VR sculpting tool), and seamless integration with Adobe Aero to create Augmented Reality content in a fun and engaging creative environment.

3 :: Create realistic 3D renders with a suite of lighting tools, including HDRI: image-based lighting.
Create 3D materials very easily with Adobe Capture using tablets and smartphones.

4 :: Present and render 3D art with photographs: Matching photographic perspective and lighting.

:: What you will learn in this course ::

1 :: Working with 3D models in Adobe Dimension.

2 :: Produce realistic 3D renders using studio and image-based lighting techniques.

3 :: Polish your 3D renders in Photoshop for final presentation.

4 :: Use mock-up photography templates to showcase your 3D design and artwork.
Additional Resources:

:: Course Project Files ::

:: Download 7-day free trial: Adobe Creative Cloud ::
(exclusive monthly/annual pricing plans for students and teachers)

:: Download Adobe Capture for smartphones and tablets ::
Apple iOS:
Google Play:

:: Online art and design eCommerce ::

:: Awesome Royalty-Free Content ::

:: Great collection of photographs and textures ::

:: Downloadable 3D content (includes Creative Commons License) ::

:: Professional mock-up templates and creative resource ::

:: Inspiration ::

1 :: Pinterest Boards:

2 :: Awesome artworks produced by creatives using Adobe Dimension:

3 :: 36 days of type by Riya Mahajan:

4 :: Kimberly Potvin (Adobe content lead for 3D/AR) showcases a super cool example of using Adobe Dimension and Adobe Aero to create an immersive and fun AR (Augmented reality) experience:

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