[Webinar] Photoshop Character Creation and Animation Pipeline

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CrazyTalk Animator 3 has made creating your own characters easier than ever with the ability to import in your custom design via a Photoshop PSD file. Combine that with the intuitive and powerful character animation tools for the face and the body, and you have yourself an excellent production pipeline to bring your character designs to life in no time at all! This webinar will cover the character construction and customization process in Photoshop, and then move on to demonstrate the various ways that you can bring your character to life using CTA 3’s real-time animation tools.

Live Demo Outline:
– Character Composition & Design
– Customization & Export in Photoshop
– Adding Accessories
– Character Body Animation
– Character Facial Animation

Click Here to Download the PSD file http://cdn4.reallusion.com/PSDActor6_fixed.psd

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Duration: 01:26:05