We Need To Talk! NO MORE PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS? | Innocent K Boateng

With over 200 Photoshop Tutorials, sometimes it feels like doing the same thing over and over again. So I’ve decided to explore other topics of interest. So here’s an open conversation about the future of this channel. I hope you enjoy it.

I must say I appreciate you guys so much for the constant support, I hope this decision makes the channel much better and gives its subscribers much value.

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0:00 intro
1:03 Brief History about this channel
1:46 Getting burned out from doing almost the same thing?
2:25 Exploring other topics (Filmaking)
3:31 The Basic Channel Niches (Design, Tech and Filmaking)
3:41 Design
4:58 Tech
5:27 Filmaking
5:50 Does That mean no more PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS?
6:14 What topic would you want to see on the Business of Design Series?
6:49 Your suggestions are welcomed as well
7:16 Channel Goal for the Year (50K Subscribers)
7:29 Conclusion

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Duration: 00:08:20