Ways to Place Objects in Adobe Illustrator Documents

How to upload a photo to illustrator – There are as many ways to Place Objects in Adobe Illustrator Documents as there are to skin a cat, so let’s review the various options to bring in objects, images, backgrounds into adobe illustrator in 2022. We’ll also look at the linked vs embedded files imported in your document and some other good tips to help you learn how to place objects in adobe illustrator like a pro. Also, we’ll look at the color patterns available in illustrator, and some other tricks. I hope you learn a thing or two while you watch this video.

I hope you learn a few good tips in this video. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Adobe Illustrator Classroom in a Book (2022 Release)

Adobe Illustrator from A to Z Tutorial 2022:
L1 – Adobe Illustrator 2022 for Beginners – https://youtu.be/FTmxqw2IvAk
L2 – Adobe Illustrator Workspace – https://youtu.be/09M0b_wJPkA
L3 – Place Objects in Adobe Illustrator

0:00 Intro
0:54 Place Object Window Options
1:24 Embed Objects in Illustrator
1:51 Place object in Document
2:31 Links Panel Options
3:22 Place Linked Object
3:44 Edit Link in Photoshop
4:45 Issues sharing Linked Object Files
5:21 Draw Inside or Place Inside a Shape
7:26 Make Clipping Mask
8:34 Fill Patterns
9:16 Modify Panel Options
9:39 Place Libraries Objects
10:40 Outro

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Ways to Place Objects in Illustrator Documents

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