Watch me remake an after effects edit on video star #12

➳Thanks for watching to this video!
In this video I’ll show my remake from banqnas on instagram + a watch me edit!
Hope you liked it! ♡

Some overlays:

Original edit:

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➳ most asked questions:
꙳ Where do you get your overlays?

꙳ What packs did you bought?
I didn’t bought packs. I bought
Everything on vs for a year

꙳is video star free?
Yes, but you can buy packs or a
Pro subscription in the app
My tutorials aren’t free!

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➳ About me:
My name is Katrien, I’m 16 years old
and I live in the Netherlands. I am an
Editor since December 2018. I like to
Edit, eat, sleep and watch Netflix 😉
Oh and I’m an youtuber! Thought you
Didn’t know that yet…

➳ People in this video:
Charli D’amelio and Emma Chamberlain

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