*Proof of concept, BMW-HUD UI system*.

*Source Elements*:

-Original footage. Shot from a moving vehicle.

-Other elements created from scratch.

*Software Used*:

-Adobe After Effects CS5
-Adobe Photoshop CS5
-Adobe illustrator

*Effects and techniques used include*:

Use of vector graphics

Use of raster graphics

Use of keyframed masks

Creation of alpha track mattes

2D (XY) Motion tracking.

Use of multiple null objects to accept tracking data taken from multiple tracking passes. (nulls

used to stitch tracking passes from different points together to form unified position/rotation

data source)

3D&2D compositing

Rotoscoping- including b-spline masks and new cs5 “rotobrush” (matte later refind)

Masked keyframed Adjustment layers for slective colour correction of picture regions

Masked keyframed blur layers (to match and compliment focus shift from camera

Use of Blending modes (in particular, layering of animated hud elements, text etc)

Graph edited keyframe animations (HUD animation)

Multiple nested pre-comps

Pre-renders used as proxys to icrease workstation performance during preview renders (reduce

preview render time).

All extranious elements parented to tracking data taken from relevant z-plane depths.

Duration: 10

Likes: 4