Video Production_WK

This is a demonstration of applied stylized video production to meet your production needs. To see how it might fit your needs, you might turn the volume off and watch with your favorite song playing. From Keying, to Color Correction, to Operating in 3D space and even all other aspects of Production such as Cinematography, Producing, and Directing, this clip shows ALL and ONLY video created by William Kuriyama, and it can be done for you too, also the completed projects in their entirety can be found here:

1. Building Render- This is a city built in After Effects using three images doctored slightly in Photoshop. A building wall side, a painted out roof, and a NY city skyline. All images were taken from the creative commons section of Flickr and demonstrates working in 3D space.

2. Hip Hop Segment- Hip Hop Video for The Process entitled ‘Press Play’ Directed by William Kuriyama and produced by Lost Carbon Copy Productions. Finished in Dec 2008, This was shot with 1 Sony HVX200 camera and 2 Panasonic DVX100a cameras. This was edited with Final Cut and After Effects. All Producing was done by William Kuriyama.

3. Electronica Segment- The New Technique from the album VLRNA. Directed by WKuriyama. Finished in August 2008, this video was shot with 2 Panasonic DVX100A video cameras and edited entirely in Final Cut, and included a single piece of stock footage donated by an associate.

4. Metal Band segment- Music Video for the song Makeshift Humanity by the the band Blood Money. Directed by William Kuriyama in 2009.
This was made in a small green studio using a model built from household items, a barbie donated by a young friend, and was shot with 2 Panasonic DVX100a cameras. All editing was done in After Effects and Final Cut.

5. These are very simple samples of video titling-

The first title is an Energy wipe made in After Effects and applied to text within After Effects as well.

The second is literally made of a single smoke element and a texture BG and was made in After Effects.

6. Blonde Shooting Segment- This is a look at the start of a trailer for a concept film Written, Directed, and Produced by William Kuriyama. The film was shot with a single Panasonic DVX100A. Compositing smoke, shells and muzzle flashes was done in After Effects as well was Color Correction, and will be finished in Final Cut.

7. Final Name Title- This is a demonstration of titling in AE using a particle system in 3D space.

Duration: 99

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