VIDEO MASTERCLASS | Newly-Released Features in Premiere Pro and After Effects!

In today’s Masterclass, Principal Evangelist Jason Levine will cover some of the latest updates to Premiere Pro and After Effects, including the new Captions workflow and Swappable Video in Motion Graphics Templates.


00:00 Start – Overview
03:52 Premiere Pro Captions Panel – Actually Text panel
05:24 Adding captions through the Text panel
07:24 Adding new caption segment – viewing new shortcut commands
10:03 Viewing the new subtitle track in the timeline
11:47 Caption panel options
13:43 Viewing the timeline to preview the captions
16:11 Options for customizing your captions
20:55 Creating multiple styles for global effects to captions
27:25 MOGRTs and what’s new in Ae – basic example
31:32 Deciding what options are modifiable in MOGRTs
34:35 Drag and drop for adding MOGRT options – allowing for groups
37:46 Exporting MOGRTs – saving to CC Libraries
41:42 Using Adobe Fonts with MOGRTs – auto activation
42:42 Importing the MOGRT into Pr Pro – making adjustments
48:21 3D ground plane and gizmo in Ae
51:50 Cinema 4D in Ae
53:09 Using the new Warp Stabilizer in Pr Pro

Duration: 00:57:00