Video game mission intros // Operation Flashpoint: Red River

James Kearsley // JUMPKICK STUDIOS //

Project information:

Working with Surface Digital and Codemasters on their Operation Flashpoint sequel, James was tasked with created 5 mission briefing introduction cutscenes using 2D animation and motion graphics.

Original assets were created seperately in Photoshop and After Effects, before being constructed into a stylised satellite overlay and built up with multiple animated elements. Many scenes quickly became busy with hundreds of layers and individual elements, cameras and control nulls as the scene took shape.

In addition to creating all of the motion graphics and 2D animation, James was tasked with the design of the main text box elements and specifically how they might reveal and transition onto screen, together with the presentation of numerous other icons and detailed elements. In keeping with the style of the game, a distorted, artifacted vision of the satellite surveillance screen was designed – as if the signal was failing or being intercepted. Over the course of the game, this distortion and artifacting would become stronger to reflect the increasing difficulty and desperate situation of the campaign. DigiEffects Damage plugins were used to simulate signal artifacting and a break up in data. In addition to this, numerous cross-fades of ingame scenery were used between camera zooms or transitions to give a sense of additional signals interfering.

Once all the elements had been designed and tested, the scripts for the missions were set up and the animation developed against the excellent narration provided by Al Matthews – best known for playing Sergeant Apone in the film Aliens.

Duration: 308

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