Video Editing Workspace Setup Dec 2020

Every new purchase I make for video equipment seems to come with another hitch, “You need this accessory” ” you need that accessory”. I got a new GoPro recently, and my old editing set up just wasn’t cutting it. We got 4K now, we need to be able to edit 4K too! ? I found this awesome desktop on Newegg with a Cyber Monday sale that went all though December. and because I got a new desktop computer, I needed a new table top for my desk. We can’t stop there, with a new computer I now need a new Monitor. Well, a new monitor isn’t good enough on its own, who wants to look at those unsightly silver legs that it comes with on the table top? No, we need something to clean up the whole look; an adjustable monitor arm. This whole thing turned out perfect.
I have not figured out the best way to do cable management for all of the wires behind the computer, but let me know if you have cable management suggestions in the comments.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Thanks for watching.

Here’s all the stuff I used for my new desk:

Lenovo Desktop Legion 5

Drill Bit Magnetizer

Table Top Surface


External HDD

Monitor Arm

Phone Clamp


Mic Arm


Duration: 00:45:03