Video Editing Tutorial & Tips – Adobe Premiere Pro CC Basics

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Do you want to create your own short film and edit it with Adobe Premiere Pro CC? We have some important tips for you in this tutorial which will guide you to the right direction and which at the same time will let you easily land your initial steps of dealing with Adobe Premiere wisely and easily.

In this Adobe video tutorial, we are going to talk about some important tips that include importing clips, bins, sequences and timelines, syncing audio and basic workflow principles. We are going to give you the needed tips in every single one of these fields to apply it while editing your film as easily as possible.

To get all started, you will open Adobe Premiere and choose “starting a new project” and this is for those who want to start their short film which they will eventually get to see the difference between the short film workflow and the video editing. First of all, you will need to put in the name of your film and then you will go through the settings that are found on that small window which you might need to change something about, just don’t worry about those which you might not know about or which you can’t understand, you can just go straight into your project to start working.

The first thing you should know about is how to import your media and this actually goes with any software you are actually going to use. There are different ways to import media, the first is the simple drag and drop which you could use, you could also double click and choose the media or the clips that you want and the last option is going to ‘File’ and choosing import then click on those clips which you want to work on. The interesting thing about importing on Adobe Premiere is that you could import the whole folder and this is good when you want to categorize the different things which you want to import in your film.

Going further the next thing to learn about editing with Adobe Premiere is the timeline and in this you will go to ‘File’ and choose new then sequence, and this is how you are going to have timelines and sequences. There are some choices in the settings related to that new sequence you have just created which you will go through and choose from and there is also a lot to know about workflow, which you could check through this tutorial ( The sequence or the timeline is where you are going to sync between your audio and your video to create the final film. On your timeline, you will find different layers; there is the audio layer and there is also the video layer.

When it comes to dealing with the different items found on the layer or the timeline, you could easily drag and move that item to where you want to position it. We believe that dragging the item is one of the best things done on Premiere because it makes the whole process much easier without the need to go through lots of steps in order to reach your final destination.

The first thing people usually do when they start editing their short films on Adobe Premiere is syncing their audio to their video. This part is important because you will need to pay close attention to the sound and the picture in order to link the two parts matching together correctly – in this you will be the one knowing which part is suitable for the other and bring them together.

These are some of the initial things you will need to know about Adobe Premiere and how to edit a short film on it, but of course there are some other tips and steps which you should learn about later on. On our channel, you will find some video tutorials related to Adobe Premiere and the things you could do along the way to learn editing.

From these video tutorials, you could check more about the audio effects and how to edit the sound (, you could learn more about color grading and correcting (, you could also know more about color grading and masking (, you could learn about the transitions, titles and effects (, you could get to understand the layout and workflow ( and eventually you will find your guide to rendering and exporting your short film (

This is what you will need to know about when it comes to creating your short film and editing it with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the ones that will get the beginners started with the program – so if you already know how to work with Premiere, you could just skip this tutorial.

If this was a useful Adobe Premiere tutorial for you then share it around. You could also check our website and read those different articles about film making and video editing related to Adobe Premiere as well as other programs that are considered useful.

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