Video editing tutorial 11| Learn adobe premiere pro | How to make color (effect) video.

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In this tutorial we guide you on how to make a color effective video.

First, you have to select ha video and then add the video into a folder (folder section) and then simply add a video in a folder.

Second, add another video which is (color video) simply download the video from YouTube or mention in a comment section.

Whenever, you have add a color video in your video a black screen appear above the video.

Right-click and then “set to frame” moving forward the option appear in your left corner “blind mode” which should be mentioned normal but we have to change that into “screen”. Another option appear above to the “blind mode” by the name of “opacity”.

Third, then complete screen turns into black and just adjust the opacity of the color video.

This is how we guide you to make a color (effective) video in this tutorial.

If you face any issue regarding this tutorial (mention in comment) or email us via

Duration: 00:02:31