VHS Tape Effects in Adobe After Effects CS6 / CS5.5 (Project File Included!)

Here’s an introduction video and tutorial for my free-to-use After Effects project that turns any footage into crappy VHS footage. (Shout-outs / special thanks credits requested, but optional. :-P)

This project requires CS6 (or CS5.5, if ya need it – comment as such and I’ll hook you up) and that’s about it. Everything is controlled easily with sliders.


CS6: http://www.downinfront.net/VHS-look.zip

CS5.5: http://www.downinfront.net/VHS-look-CS5.zip

HD Version: http://www.downinfront.net/VHS_LOOK_HD_teaguechrystie.zip

(The only difference in 5.5 has to do with the DV Gag Bias. In 5.5, it’s not a bias toward light or dark, it’s just an amount. (In CS6 it uses Cross Blur, which is a bit more fancy than the nearest 5.5 equivalent.)

Duration: 00:17:10

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