VFX & Graphics Reel

VFX & Graphics work all done in After Effects.

0:00-0:15 “Lust”

Created as a video background for a circus show inspired by Dante’s Inferno. The idea was to create a 70’s grindhouse James Bond title sequence mashup. Filmed by me on Canon 7d against a black background. Used find edge with colorama to create the glowing outline. Difference mattes were used to key out the skin and let the stock fire through.

00:16-0:26 “Overland Title”

Created to help convey the idea that The Overland is motorcycle messenger service. Motorcycle is rotoscoped from a still frame of footage from the show. Dust created with Particular 2 and stock smoke footage. All the other elements stock pictures modified in Photoshop and animated in After Effects.

0:27-0:37 “The Groom”

Created for a wedding video it is inspired by the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movie because Dalton, the groom, was a massive fan. The image was a still from the wedding footage rotoscoped in photoshop and using a combination of find edge and cartoon in After Effects. Everything else is just a various layers of stock ink to create depth and some camera movement to create parallax.

0:37-0:47 “The Bride”

From the same wedding video, this is a tribute to the title sequences of 10th and 11th doctors of Doctor Who. The vortex is created with a combination of generated noise and stock footage layered together. The TARDIS is a 3d model textured and rendered in After Effects with Element 3D. Lens Flares are created with Optical Flares.

0:48-0:53 “Jouska Title”

Stock footage camera tracked in After Effects and then color corrected to be high contrasted black and white.

0:54-1:02 “Alcatraz Portal”

A VFX shot showing a portal forming around Alcatraz for the short film Jouska. Rotoscoped the island and used multiple layers of lighting from Saber to create the portal. A basic motion track of the top buildings was used to lock the smoke in place.

1:02-1:14 “Lost in the Sun Title”

Logo to text is just a simple opacity replacement matching the transform of the characters. The sun was created using Optical Flares.

1:14-1:22 “Glowing Hands”

A VFX shot for Lost in the Sun. The glow was created using layers of colored noise colorized at various opacities. Getting the motion track to stick on the hands was the trickiest part as there were no good tracking markers to use.

1:22-1:30 “Glowing Eye”

Another VFX shot from Lost in the Sun. The glow effect was essentially the same technique as the hands in the previous shot. The more impressive effect here is the invisible one. The Director and Producer were concerned about the amount of visible nose hair visible on the actress to the point that they were going to use a shot that they didn’t like nearly as much instead. I was able to save the day by taking a still of her nose into Photoshop and cleaning it up. I then motion tracked her nose and was able to blend the interior of the nostril seamlessly with the exterior to preserve the flaring that was critical to the performance.

1:30-1:42 “Rumble in the Bronze Trailer”

An animated intro for the Rumble in the Bronze Charity Starcraft Tournament. There were no real assets to utilize so I created this hall way scene from scratch using stock pictures to transition into Starcraft game elements.

1:42-1:52 “PSAV Graphics Loop”

A ten second clip of a seamlessly looping 55 second animation. This was created to be used at technology showcases on idle screens and monitors. Everything is true 3d and rendered in After Effects using Element 3d.

1:52-2:06 “A/U Intro”

The sun rise was created using a photo I took of the Colorado sunset. I animated a fake sun and rotoscoped the clouds to seamlessly integrate them. Then I used the lens flair combined with the red color shift of the photo to sell it as real. I wanted to the A/U logo to seamlessly transform into the chapter titles so I divided the slash mark to create that. At the every section the camera pulled out and dived into the next one.

2:07-2:12 “bad_day productions Title”

This was created as an experiment in faking 3d camera moves with 2d plates. The ball was created with a bunch distorted 2d layers to create a 3d sphere. A fake ground plane was created to take light so the ball would interact with the environment as it passed through. The glow is used to cover the transition of the camera from one plate to the next.

“Jeanie and Caroline” by Retrigger (http://retrigger.net/)
“Night Runner by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/”

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