VFX Compositing Showreel 2018

Compositing Showreel consisting of work completed in my second and third year at the University of South Wales – all work complete using Nuke, After Effects and Photoshop as the main tools.

Keith Barry John – These shots are from my final major project at university. I worked with two other people to create a 20 minute short film, which involved script writing, location scouting, filming, lighting, sound recording, editing and VFX. The four shots included are some of the shots I worked on for the film.

(00:03 – 00:10) This is a clean up shot which I worked on in Nuke with a combination of rotoscoping, roto-paint and luma keying to paint out all the lights left in the scene.

(00:11 – 00:18) The screen replacement was all done in Nuke. This included: all tracking work, paint out of track markers, keying of screen, colour correction of phone screen.

(00:18 – 00:21) The gun shot was created in Nuke, bringing in the stock elements for the muzzle flash, as well as using masks and colour corrections to create the contact light on the actors.

(00:22 – 00:25) The vampire fangs were created in Nuke. This included rotoscoping the teeth, bringing them back over the original footage, shaping them into fangs, moving them to the correct position on the tooth and tracking them into place in the footage. They also go from regular teeth to extended fangs throughout the clip.

Three Billboards Outside St. David’s, Queen Street – A short, two week group project. We worked as a team of six to create the piece, including concept development, filming and post production.

(00:26 – 00:31) I worked on the clean up of the shot – taking out the flags and windows in preparation for the signs to be put into the shot. I also added the shadows to the posters and added the grime underneath the posters on the right and left. All work was completed in NukeX using roto/paint.

(00:32 – 00:45) I again worked on the clean up for this shot, as well as the rotoscoping of the body to bring back over the footage. I also again added the shadows and the grime under the screen.

Clones – Minor project for my third year at university, which I wrote, filmed, edited and comped.

(00:45 – 00:56) Each shot was rotoscoped in Nuke, placing the actors into the right positions but also making sure their shadows interreacted as they should. Each limb was rotoscoped individually, eg. Separating the individual fingers of the front left clone to make his movement easier to follow. As well as this, the footage was also tracked in Nuke to stabilise some of the shaking in the footage.

Offworld – An independent film that I joined to work on the VFX for a month. This was mostly clean up work – removing bags from a scene, taking out pylons, plane trails, houses etc. All work was completed in NukeX.

(00:57 – 01:06) For this shot the plane trail has been removed from the sky in the top left corner. This was done by using roto-paint to take out the line in the sky, then in order to bring the man back over the top I luma keyed him, then tracked the footage in order to put the new sky patch back in the correct place.

(01:07 – 01:10) For this shot a bag has been taken out of the left corner. This was again done using roto-paint in Nuke.

Motion Poster – Second year film major project. Filmed on green screen and then keyed in NukeX.

(01:11 – 01:25) All keying was done in Nuke, as well as the colour correction and integration of the footage and the back plate. The matte painting was created in Photoshop all from images that I had either sourced or photographed myself. The text was added in After Effects.

Music: Work For It – Lower Than Atlantis

Duration: 89

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