Van Animation ✅Adobe After Effect ✅Adobe Illustrator

▶I separate the whole frame on Adobe Illustrator and animate it on Adobe After Effect.

▶I used two geometric with many different sizes.

▶This short video is an application on a tutorial, on Mark Rise’s channel about the basic VAN animation.

Finally, I hope he watches this video because he is really my source of inspiration, and many techniques that I use in my video, I knew them from his tutorials.

♦Mark Rise♦:-

All tools&plugins&expressions:-

✅LoopOut (“cycle”)
✅LoopOut (“pingpong”)
✅Rectangle tool


⤷About the project:-

Van is the official transportation in narrow places in Egypt, so I very influenced by our Egyptian lifestyle.
So I designed the whole frame on Adobe Illustrator and separated it into layers to be prepared for animation on Adobe AfterEffect.


For business requires:-


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