Using photoshop layers to solve a problem

sorry for shaky crap camera work, this was quickly done..

Asked by a client to shoot a very messy cluttered location, I suggested shooting at night to separate the building out, unfortunately existing lighting wasn’t adequate so I had to light it myself. lighting it took numerous shots with a static camera locked off on a very high tripod, using a radio trigger and an assistant to firering the shutter allowed me to paint in the building with a flash on a high pole.

Bringing all the layers in to cs, and then selecting Lighten layer allows that which is lit to become visible beneath it, I had a few holes but a bit of tweakin got me there.

This is a brilliant way to use limited access/lighting to get the shot in the bag, mixing a ambient lighting shot with a lit shot will allow you to get unique and creative shots, Do not move the camera, once the frame is set, lock it all off weigh the tripod down and prevent accidental movement…..

Right get out there and play….. innum

Duration: 64

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