Using GREP in Adobe InDesign

My full guide to GREP:
In this video we are going to take a look at where our command line Linux skills can payoff when working in Applications too. I have used InDesign to create training materials for many years now, to be honest way back in the day when it was Aldus Pagemaker. Adobe certainly have added some goodies and GREP styles is immensely useful.
I often need to highlight certain text in document and we can use character styles for that. But rather than apply the sales manually we can have InDesign apply the sales for us automatically on text that matches the Regular expression we add in. In this way we help designers become quicker and more accurate.

In this video we show how we can automatically highlight postcodes in our body text by adding in the correct GREP sales with regular expression. The Regular expression we use from the command line is the same regex we use in GREP styles in Adobe InDesign

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Duration: 00:04:23