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"Hum" It is said that death is like a lamp going out. These [days] I actually put so much resentment hhún here to cultivate the evil spirit. Is it difficult for someone to practice some amazing magic skill? So much resentment hhún, if this person is not devoured by the spirit of resentment, but let him succeed, that's terrible. Even if the true immortal comes to the world, I'm afraid he can't do anything about it! Humph, "in that case, I can't make you satisfied!" Lin Ye Hei Hei smiled, "the body suddenly disappeared in place, but walked into the soaring mainland." "Ten thousand pieces of thunder amulets in nine days!" As soon as Lin Ye entered the game, after saying hello to the night kill, he directly clicked on the fantasy store with the game, looked at the dazzling array of goods, clicked on the paper, without saying a word, that is, ten thousand pieces, fortunately, the paper consumed by the good deeds value is not very much, ten thousand pieces of nine days are thunder amulet need good deeds value in a total of thirty thousand points, equivalent to merit value is six thousand, According to one thousandth of the exchange example, when Lin Ye came out, but also consumed six points of merit value! And when Lin Ye entered the game, the former ghost and the latter ghost also appeared over the Yasukuni Shrine, just looking at the empty place, some doubt Huo, but still immediately returned to Ampere Jiudao to report back. Of course, in the moment after Lin Ye disappeared, Lin Ye reappeared in situ, and in his hand, full of two paper charms,Magnesium Oxide price, glittering runes, with Lin Ye hey hey the sound of evil laughter, what words do not say, directly to the day nv scattered Hua approach to fight out, the rune Lin Ye although not jjī, but some runes jjī does not need manpower, Just like this nine-day thunder amulet, as long as there is the existence of the power of the evil, the paper will automatically lead to the thunder, and then directly destroy the evil spirit of the evil! So, when Lin Ye's nine days are thunder amulet thrown in the past,Magnesium Oxide powder, suddenly a few black clouds in the air, a few days of thunder directly blasted down! "Boom!" Smoke Hua general hit in the extremely powerful group of resentful spirits, it seems that only dang a burst of ripples, but with Lin Ye's eyes, there are hundreds of resentful spirits H hún were a day of thunder to disappear! However, because the base number of ghost H hún is too large, it does not seem to play any role in general! "I explode, I explode.." I'll save you. Lin Ye carefree will be a Fu Shi hit into the sky with true force, and then, the thunder fell, directly hit the ghost hhún disappeared countless! In addition to countless ghost screams, let Lin Ye consciously close the six senses, no way, the noise is too loud! "Who dares to withdraw from my Yasukuni Shrine?" At this time, a voice roared out, a figure so suddenly appeared in front of Lin Ye! Who are you? Why are you shouting so loudly? Lin Ye played the ear of self-memory, some disdain said, but is an eight-level monk, for him this nine-level repair, where enough to see? Ghosts are dense here, evil spirits run amuck, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, resentful spirits are numerous, and evil spirits are stored. Hum, should I ask you? "So what? What's it to you?" It was Ampere Jiudao, who had just been listening to the report of the former ghost and the latter ghost, thinking that it was just a general little man who had come to attack Lu Luàn, and had not taken it to heart, but before he had repelled the former ghost and the latter ghost, there was a burst of thunder above, such a powerful lightning strike on the spirit of resentment, so that Ampere Jiudao, who had always been quiet, came out with a cold sweat brush. That is the nourishment of the Great God of Yachi Amaterasu, and someone dares to destroy it. If the Great God of Yachi Amaterasu knows it, he must not let it eat it! Startled a cold sweat of a big y yīn Yang Shi, without saying a word, he dodged out, and as soon as he came out, he saw Lin Ye playing with the paper there. He was so angry that his eyes were on fire, and the first brother chose someone to bite. "The spirit of resentment is evil. My generation should not do all the evil. You are so unreasonable. Why do you connive at such evil spirits?"? The famous Yasukuni Shrine in Japan is actually a place where ghosts and animals are kept. Aren't you afraid that other monks will laugh at you? Lin Ye nature is not easy to mess with, big truth who won't say ah, keep the ghost, that is all the monks on earth can't tolerate, who do so, a disrespect to strangers, and two, the gas of the ghost does not belong to the gas of the earth, if a lot of storage, will cause the extreme imbalance of the earth, but every monk, whether it is a demon, or a monk, or other monks, It's too risky not to do the thing of raising ghosts. "Hum, I still have a little eyesight. Now that you know what this is for, you should know who is using the evil spirit here. Get out quickly. Otherwise, even if you Chinese sword immortals come here, you can only be chōu!" Ampere Jiudao pointed at Lin Ye and scolded him directly. ,… "Ha ha, good." Lin Ye said a good, what she did not say, in the hands of the nine days is the thunder amulet thrown toward the Tianshan Mountains, thousands of nine days is the thunder amulet was all ignited, led down hundreds of buckets of thick boats of electric snakes, only to hear the loud noise, the huge Yasukuni Shrine and the nine millions of resentful ghosts H hún were also beaten to only a few scattered, no longer constitute a threat! "Ah you finished, finished" Ampere nine eyes fast absence, feel my heart was torn up the general fear, this is absolutely a fatal blow, for him, his responsibility is to guard the Yasukuni Shrine in the cultivation of the spirit hhún, and then create a lot of magic gas for eight Qi Tianzhao to enjoy, but now, but by Lin Ye's day thunder to turn into nothingness, If you let Yachi Amaterasu know, there is absolutely only a dead end. Although he is arrogant, he never thinks that he can beat Yachi Amaterasu. That is the God in the eyes of all [Japanese] monks, and he can't cross the existence.. "Wow, so cool, these nine days are really genuine, next time bring more, so good to use, ha ha!" Jing Ye didn't have the appearance of Yun Guan's Ampere Jiudao at all. He just clapped his hands excitedly. It was so cool. If he did this several times, all the spiritual grievances in the world would be cleared away! And, now the attack is [Japan] this spirit of resentment, you know, these spirits are all war criminals during World War II,dap diammonium phosphate, they even H hún with the altar all destroyed to him, that kind of satisfaction, is absolutely unparalleled.

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