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Su Huaiyan gas toot toot, was about to come forward to speak for Su Huaining, but was pulled by Su Huaining, Su Huaining came forward, a faint smile should be a good. On the way back, Su Huaiyan grumbled angrily, "Seven younger sisters, are you afraid of disobeying your grandmother's orders?"? What are you afraid of? Grandmother didn't do it right. It was the cloth that Junping County sent you. Grandmother left more than half of it as soon as she opened her mouth. You know how valuable Xiangyun brocade silk is. Even if you have silver, you may not be able to buy it. Grandmother did that, it was too partial. Besides, she asked you to make Liu Yan ran's clothes bigger. She wanted the clothes to be Liu Yan ran's dowry. Su Huaiyan was very angry with the old lady's partiality. By her maintenance, Su Huaining heart sweet as honey, warm as the sun, she said, "five elder sister, you can rest assured, I will not let Liu Yan ran take advantage of this." She and Liu Yan ran have an implacable enmity, how can it be cheap for her to go. The reason why she agreed was that she knew that if she did not agree, the old lady would be unrelenting. When the time came, the old lady would put a disobedient and unfilial hat on her head, which would destroy her impression in the old man's mind, and she would lose more than she gained. At least until she becomes stronger,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, she can't lose the old man's backing. As for the cloth.. She will send a letter to Ming Zelan in two days. The next day, the personal servant girl of the second granddaughter of the Feng family, the prime minister, bribed the local ruffians and scoundrels to rob the white horn comb of the granddaughter of the Minister of Rites. Yesterday, the first day after the government opened the door, ushered in the case, because the case involved the minister of rites Su home and prime minister Feng home, as well as Duan Xuting and prince Ye involved in it,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, the magistrate is naturally dare not neglect, immediately sent someone to investigate the afternoon, afternoon finished the case. The evidence of the crime was irrefutable, and the servant girl of Feng Dieling, the second girl of the Feng family, also pleaded guilty and was imprisoned for three years. Two local ruffians robbed an official girl and pleaded not guilty. They were sentenced to five years in prison. As soon as this matter is rendered, all the people in the capital are shocked. Everyone is not a fool. They all know that a servant girl is a servant girl. She will not go beyond the master to do robbery. The servant girl will only obey the master's orders to do things. So, we all know who is the real mastermind of this matter. The emperor also knew this from the mouth of the prince who accidentally spilled the beans, and he called the prime minister and scolded him severely. The prime minister lost a big face, after returning home, angry sent someone to move out of the family law, Feng Dieling severely beat a board, and secretly sent her to a Chuang Tzu. Feng Dieling didn't get the white horn comb. She lost a big face, was beaten, and was driven out of the house. She hated Su Huaining so much that she wanted to eat her flesh, L Methylfolate Factory ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, gnaw her bones, and drink her blood. She put everything she had suffered, all the pain she had suffered, on the top of Su Huaining's head, hated Su Huaining deeply, gnashed her teeth, and became an implacable enemy of Su Huaining. Chapter 226 invitation. Su Huaining did not know that Feng Dieling had already regarded her as an enemy. At the moment, she was happily making clothes for Ming Zelan and herself. After hearing about Feng Dieling, he just laughed it off. Feng Dieling was driven out of the house by the Feng family. She deserved it. She had only herself to blame. A few days later, Mammy Jane came to the Su family again, this time to send an invitation, a gilded printed invitation, a total of three names, Su Huaining sisters and Su Huaiyan. There are no old ladies and no first wives. The first lady opened the invitation card with a smile, and when she saw that she was not in it, her smile suddenly stiffened and became very ugly. Then she heard Mammy Jane say, "Last time I went back, the old slave mentioned the two girls and the five girls in front of the county magistrate. The county magistrate knew that they had a good relationship with the seven girls. This time the princess held a banquet and invited them to go with the seven girls." Then, as if he hadn't seen how black the first lady's face was, he continued, "Oh, yes, our county Lord said that the last time he came, he didn't give gifts to the second and fifth girls. Fortunately, she gave a lot of cloth last time. One bolt of Xiangyun brocade silk can make two clothes. It's just right. One and a half bolts of more cloth can make one dress for each of the three girls." It was a gift from the county magistrate to the three girls. When the first wife heard this, she was very angry. How could a noble family hold a banquet and not invite her, the wife of the house, but invite a few little girls to attend? It was obvious that the princess was slapping her in the face? What made her even more angry was that she had been hit in the face and had a lot of anger in her stomach, but she couldn't vent her anger with someone. Not only could she not vent her anger, but she had to hold it to death. She couldn't let Mammy Jane find out, and she had to accompany her smiling face to deal with Mammy Jane. The first wife was so suffocating and furious. The old lady also had a dark face. She had just ordered the seven maids to quickly make the fragrant cloud brocade silk for the girl, intending to press it at the bottom of the box after it was done, and keep it for Liu Yan ran to make dowry clothes a few years later. Unexpectedly, before the clothes were made, they were given to the two and five maids by the Lord of Junping County. The old lady was no more relaxed than the first wife, and she was full of anger. After Mammy Jane left, the old lady angrily questioned Su Huaining whether she had communicated with Ming Zelan and played tricks on her and the first wife. Otherwise, Ming Ze Lan Tang Tang, a county leader, how can he repeatedly manage the cloth he sent out? "Grandmother, I haven't gone out these days. How can I communicate with the head of Junping County? If you don't believe me, you can ask your aunt to go to Ermen to investigate." Su Huaining defended himself with a face of grievance. Yes, she just communicated with Ming Zelan. Ming Zelan gave her cloth, she originally wanted to make a dress for the second sister and the fifth sister, to be worn as a dowry for them later, but the old lady was partial to Liu Yan ran, and insisted on snatching half of the Xiangyun brocade from her hand. Of course she won't. She would rather use scissors to destroy the fragrant cloud brocade silk, also won't cheap Liu Yan ran to go in vain, if Junping county Lord did not promise to help her,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, she really intends to do so. The old lady used the identity of the elder to press her and rob her cloth, then she used the identity of the head of Junping County to suppress the old lady in turn, so that the old lady could taste the suffocation of being pressed by a younger generation.