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Can not stop, there is no way, but Qi Junyuan has not reached the point of complete despair, because he still has a road that is not a road. This road needs to be opened up by itself, just as the mice in front of us dig a hole through which people can pass through the crevices of the mountain wall. There was no time to change his mind, and all of Qi Junyuan's movements were almost subconscious. He lunged and shrugged his shoulders, ready to break through one of the walls and rush into the house next to him. But Qi Junyuan's footsteps, which were ready to impact, stopped as soon as they were raised, because he saw a situation that shocked and despaired him. It was on the wall he was about to hit that a brick moved and broke, and then the broken brick covered with mucus was pushed out, and then a mouse head with an open mouth and teeth emerged from the hole in the broken wall. With the appearance of the rat's head, many bricks on the wall move, break and fall in the same way. So there were many holes in the wall, and the whole wall was covered with ferocious mouse heads. Qi Junyuan looked back slowly, and the wall behind him was the same. There's no way to go,collapsible pallet bin, unless you drill a hole in the ground. But even if he can drill holes in the ground, he probably can't drill as fast as those rats. It's over. It's over now. It looks like I'm going to die in the mouth of these rats today. Qi Junyuan cried in despair in his heart. The rats had completely surrounded Qi Junyuan, as if they had covered him with an iron bucket and a bronze bell. But the surrounded mice did not immediately jump up, but opened their mouths wide at Qi Junyuan, as if they were roaring silently. Qi Junyuan pinched the fishing hook with the thumb and forefinger of his left and right hands, while the remaining three fingers were wrapped around a bunch of Hu string silk thread around his waist. Each of the two strings was covered with small steel hooks from top to bottom, which were the weapons used by Qi Junyuan to deal with many enemies. The only thing he could do in this situation was to fight the rats to the death. He hoped that his hooks could effectively restrain the rats and save his life. After the weapons in his hands were ready,collapsible bulk containers, Qi Junyuan wanted to change his situation of hitting the wall into an offensive and defensive posture. At that moment, he suddenly found that his body did not follow the instructions of his brain, and the whole body seemed to be frozen. This made him think of the bodies that had been bitten to death without resistance and struggle, and the cold sweat could not stop pouring out. When Qi Junyuan found that he could not move, the mice that surrounded him moved, slowly and firmly crawled towards him, and crawled up his legs and feet. Qi Junyuan watched helplessly as the mice gradually covered his body, and the first one to climb up ran directly to his face, the pair of green, ferocious eyes looking closer and closer to him. When the mouse almost completely submerged Qi Junyuan, the first mouse to climb to the face raised its head and opened its mouth wide, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet manufacturer, which was to take the lead in tasting Qi Junyuan's flesh and blood. Qi Junyuan could not move anything at the moment, even his eyelids could not be closed, and he could only watch the mouse bite at himself. Beng Dang- "a monotonous sound of the harp stopped the sharp teeth of the mouse from falling." Stop! Retreat the whorls! A woman was shouting, and her voice sounded very familiar. The rats stopped, but did not withdraw, and Qi Junyuan was still submerged by the rats. There are rivers and bridges. Where are the rivers and lakes? This is the strange man who blocked the intersection asking with Jianghu incision. Cattle and horses in southern Shaanxi fall into diseases and insects, and Qingping in the west of Chu follows the wonderful sound. Are you two the'acute pestilence 'and'all diseases' of Poison Hidden Xuan? The familiar voice asked. In fact, when he heard this, Qi Junyuan wanted to shout loudly. He wanted to tell the two men that he was the "random" of Miaocheng Pavilion, and that he was under the door of Li Hen Gu, so that the two strange men could quickly withdraw the mice. But then he realized that not only could he not move, but he could not even speak. No wonder they could kill a huge wild boar and two secret sentry yamen runners and masters through the Fangmao Stronghold area where all kinds of forces crossed before, while the other secret sentry and guard masters nearby were not aware of it at all. It must be because these people were not only unable to struggle when they died, but also unable to make a sound. I'm asking you who you are, and you don't care who we are. That man is really a little strange, not only the momentum, the expression, but also the temper. If someone recognized them, they must have known them or had a relationship with them, and they should have been polite, but he seemed to be a little angry because he was recognized. I am the wonderful voice you want to accompany. The familiar voice answered calmly, without the slightest hint of fireworks in its tone. It's Qin Shengsheng! Is it Qin Shengsheng? Qi Junyuan's mood at this time is very complex, is surprised and nervous, but also some doubts. I was surprised because I didn't expect to meet Qin Shengsheng here. Nervous because before Qin Shengsheng left himself alone to escape, after judging from the situation is very much like deliberately framed himself, and now he fell into her hands will be what kind of consequences? Doubt is because although I listen to the voice is very familiar, but can not directly recognize that the voice is Qin Sheng Sheng, feeling always seems to have some difference with the original Qin Sheng Sheng. Then who is this man? He fell behind us for a long time, as if he had seen something important. The regulations we have received require that all whereabouts must be kept secret, and if they are not fellow travelers, those who know the inside story must be destroyed, no matter who they are. Although the strange man heard Qin Shengsheng's name, he still did not withdraw the rats. He is the'casual 'of Miaocheng Pavilion, although we are not on the same road, but another thorn Bureau that cooperates with us is presided over by him as a thorn. Miaoyin, are you sure? The work here is about to start. Are you sure he won't break the game? If there is an accident, who will be accountable for Heng Xinglu in the future? The strange man still refused to give up. You don't have to bear, and I don't have to bear. Here is the paper of'Yiye Qiu 'from the valley,ibc spill pallet, which I gave to him. Qin Sheng Sheng still calmly answered. Only then did Qi Junyuan realize why he felt that there were many differences between Qin Shengsheng and before. Although her voice had not changed much, the tone and momentum of her speech were quite different. She felt much more sophisticated and calm, and no longer as childish and noisy as before.

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