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Jinan Haoyu Automation System Co., Ltd. is a welding machinery maker in Jinan China . We have a strong design and technical team and can design and manufacture the machines as customer's requirements. Our products mainly include circular welding machine, automatic cladding machine, CNC welding machine, etc. The Automatic Welding Machine has high voltage and slow wire feeding performance, which guarantees reliable arc igniting. Machine also has low welding voltage and low current for filling crater. It adopts push-type wire feeding mode, to guarantee feeding stability. Our longitudinal seam welder can weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. It has weld longitudinal seam on cylinder, air tank, water tank, fuel tank, etc. MIG welding with wire feeder. This machine can work continuously for 24-hour. It has Japan OMRON PLC and touch screen and water-cooling system and self-shielding welding system. 5axis special welding machine for hydraulic cylinder,piston rod with eye and end caps.CNC system controls 5-dimensions action. Our Automatic welding Equipment`s welding torch is fixed while workpiece is rotating, welding position is horizontal. Workpiece is clamped and rotary by fixture and supported by universal ball bracket. For the square welding seam, its welding seam is irregular, so the welding torch is required to walk out of welding seam path. Meanwhile, it should guarantee that the welding specification is as even and uniform as possible. The welding seam appearance of our Tank welding equipment is good and smooth. It is convenient and reliable to use machine. The welding torch of our Pipe welding machine is fixed, while the workpiece is rotating. Double welding torch and double welding power source. Workpiece is clamped tightly by chuck and synchronously rotate. Welding torch, rotary axis box and pneumatic tail-stock can be adjusted longitudinally, to meet various welding.The welding mode and specification can be preset, saved and recalled. As a welding equipment manufacturer, we also have SAW welding machine, TIG welding machine and Oil cylinder welding. Our cylinder welding equipment is mainly used in welding hydraulic cylinder circular seam automatically. To guarantee the welding specification is even and uniform, welding seam has good and uniform appearance. We also have overlaying welding machine. Most welding machines and welding machine parts include those devices which are commonly used for a number of joining processes. These processes include: MIG welding (TIG, MIG, stick), arc welding (TIG, MIG, stick), oxy-acetylene tungsten carbide, and other types of gas tungsten carbide welding. There are some types of welding machine parts that are specifically designed for specific types of joining processes including, but not limited to; TIG welding, MIG electrode and arc welding, and Tungsten Carbide Welding. There are also different sizes of welding machine parts. These different sizes range from: When shopping for welding machine parts, it is important to shop for the best possible deal on these types of parts. By comparing prices and features, one can obtain a more cost effective welding machine. When selecting a particular type of welding machine, it is always best to do research and try a couple of different types. By doing this, one can make an educated decision and purchase the welding machine they prefer. Our welding machines have been sold worldwide such as Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Lithuania, Malaysia, Kuwait, Mexico, Mongolia, Pakistan, Paraguay, Poland, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UAE, UK, USA, Vietnam, Zambia,etc. More than 10 years experiences in welding field, CE certificated qualification and extreme standard let us keep very competitive in the current market. We will always take the principle and ideal of "Gain fame and position with technique and take sincerity and reputation as the basis" to become the model of support customers before-sales, during-sales and after-sales.