Use Adobe Photoshop's video timeline to create animated social media posts

In this lesson, I will go over how to create animated social media posts using Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to use the Video Timeline in Photoshop, creating keyframes, transforming objects and rendering a social media-ready .MP4 to share with your audience.

Full #tutorial 👉

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Lesson Timeline:
0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Adding Text Layers and Line to Project
3:13 – Adding Images to Project
5:01 – Creating Video Timeline
5:34 – Layer Mask to Main Title
7:45 – Setting Animation to Line
11:08 – Layer Mask to Secondary Text
13:31 – Adding Animation to Main Images
15:05 – Rendering Video for Social Media
15:45 – Viewing Video Animation
15:57 – Outro

Duration: 00:16:24