Unleash Digital Creativity in the Classroom: A Pedagogical Upgrade via Adobe CC Express

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to digital literacy and digital creativity tools available in the free and easy-to-use Adobe CC Express. The workshop will begin with an introduction to Adobe CC Express, including a brief foray into the image and video functions, highlighting key quick features in the toolkit (from drag-and-drop image background removal to fast GIF creation). The workshop will then focus on using Adobe CC Express to build dynamic, scrolling, multimedia webpages. In this portion, participants will be guided through an easy-to-follow, web building experience related to a core classroom activity (assignment design, student reflection, etc.). The final portion will be reserved for Q&A, with an explicit focus on pedagogy (i.e., the challenges and benefits of bringing Adobe CC Express into the curriculum).

This is a session recording from Summit 2022.

Duration: 01:13:05