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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use Photoshop filters to create an underwater effect manipulation background that you can use for your own artwork.

Create a new document, set size & fill it with any color you like.

Make a new layer on the top and fill it with cyan color.

use an curves adjustment layer to darken the canvas.

On this Curves layer mask, active the Gradient Tool. Choose radial Gradient to paint on the mask to reveal some light on the top

use a Levels adjustment layer to increase the contrast and light of the image.

we’ll add texture to scene. If you look closely at some underwater photographs, you’ll see the noise, debris, etc…

go to Filter – Noise – Add Noise

Go to Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur & set the radius to 1.5px:

Change layer mode to Screen & reduce the opacity around 10% and we have a very soft noisy look.

To add some debris to scene, duplicate the noise layer and increased the opacity to maximum (100% )

Add mask to this layer & use a linear gradient tool & drag on the mask to reduce some noise on top parts as shown.

use a Levels adjustment with Clipping Mask to reduce the noise intensity.

To make light at the bottom, create new layer, use radial gradient tool to paint there. Change this layer mode to softlight.

Lower the layer opacity to around 50%

Now we’ll make the water surface.

Make new layer on top & fill it with black. Go to Filter – Render – Clouds

choose Filter – Sketch – Chrome

Apply a Gaussian Blur of 1px to this effect.

Apply Motion Blur.

Use a layer mask to soften its edges.

Change this layer mode to Soft Light.

use Levels to refine the contrast of this effect.

On this layer mask use a gradient tool to reduce the Levels influence.

we’ll make some bubbles now. Create a new document & fill it with black.

Use the Elliptical Tool to draw a circle and fill it with black.

Soften this circle with a Gaussian Blur of 7px:

Add a mask to this layer and use a soft black brush to erase inside the circle and leaves some edges visible.

use a white brush to make two highlights at the edges of the bubble

Go to Edit – Define Brush Preset.

Come back to our main background

choose bubble brush.

Create new blank layer. Set the foreground to cyan

Paint some bubble on the background

apply a Gaussian Blur to it to add some depth to the scene.

Use a layer mask to reduce some bubble visibility.

Add a Photo Filter to change the background color

In next step we’ll make some light rays coming from top of the water

Make a new layer on the top and use the soft brush to make several selections with the color #b6eeee

apply a radial Blur to it with zoom method.

Apply a Gaussian Blur also to soften edges.

change this layer mode to Soft Light or overlay which suits best to your artwork.

Final step add some more light at top of the light and change this layer mode to Soft Light.

I already made a scuba diving cutout to place it in the artwork.

Place it above the background group.

Use hue/saturation layer to adjust the colors

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Softwares Used:
Photoshop cs5, cs6, cc 2014, 2015,2017
After Effects cs5
Camtasia Studio

Gymnopedie No3 (YouTube Library)

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