UI Design – Adobe XD – Testimonial Card Design | Adobe Xd Tutorial #2020 ( Recommendable )

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Video Name : UI Design – Adobe XD – Testimonial Card Design | Adobe Xd Tutorial #2020 ( Recommendable )

Series : Design Basics

Difficulty Level : Normal

๐ŸทTags : Adobe Xd, Testimonial Card

๐ŸŽฅVideo Link : https://youtu.be/RF7FBzEuV-Q

00:00 Start Intro
00:11 Design Start
00:28 Avatar Creation
00:55 Review Starts addition
01:48 Review Comment Addition
02:42 1st Testimonial Card Complete
02:45 2nd Testimonial Card started
03:15 Alignment of 2nd Card
03:47 2nd Color theme option started
04:46 Content Alignment
05:03 End

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