Tyler Herron Editing Reel : 2013

A compilation of several of the projects I’ve completed as the Video Editor for PSE Archery. Mainly from 2013 but a couple 2014 Work In Progresses also!

MUSIC: Deadmau5 – Ghosts N Stuff (NERO remix) / Fall Out Boys – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

Tim Sylvia, Freak SP video – Shot Pro staff on green screen w/ Canon 5D mkII, editing in FCP, Keyed in AE, built background in Photoshop, Animated in AE, Exported for use on website & YouTube.

PSE Interstitial – Created in Photoshop, Animated in AE

Q&A with Bobby V – Created opening in AE. Corroborate with Bobby for video ideas, Light, Shoot & Direct, Edit in FCP and graphics in AE. Created Title Bar graphics in PS, animated in AE.

Slo Mo Footage – 3600 fps on Phantom Camera

Shoot PSE spot – Edited given footage, selected music

2nd Amendment – Shot PSE local footage, Animated Pictures, Shot Family Footage, Animated Titles, Edited, Built VO & Music

Carbon Force Spot – Edited given footage, Color Corrected, Build Sound Effects & Music

TAC video – Conceptualize, Shoot with Sony NX5U & Go Pro Hero 3, Build Sound Effects & Music

Dream Season EVO spot – Conceptualize, Shot on Green Screen w/ Canon 5D mkII, Edited in FCP, Keyed in AE, Background built in PhotoShop / Animated in AE, Titles built & animated in AE, Integrated bow animation files in AE, Built sound effects, VO, & Music

Dream Season DNA spot – Conceptualized, Integrated bow animations in AE, Animated & tracked logo texted in AE, Built Sound Effects, VO, & Music

2013 DNA pro video – Shot, Edited, Keyed, Animated text.
Dream Season EVO spot – See above
Slo Mo Footage – Camera Operator, Phantom Camera
2014 Fever One Pro Video – Shot, Edited, Keyed, Animated text.
Full Throttle Bow spot – Shot, Directed, Color Corrected, Motion Graphics
2nd Amendment Spot – See Above

Bow Animations created by Caleb Merrick

Duration: 155

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