Twisty Text in After Effects AND Cinema 4D Lite!

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Project files:


Twisty text is a really fun, complex looking kinetic typography technique in After Effects, but it’s really not that hard to pull off. I’ll show you how to get that twisted text look with the Time Displacement effect in After Effects, and how to pull it off using Cinema 4D Lite, which is bundled with After Effects. If you haven’t taken advantage of having access to Cinema 4D with your Creative Cloud subscription, let this tutorial end that streak. Now let’s get to some twisting!


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00:00 Intro
00:42 Surfshark VPN
01:57 Setup in After Effects
05:32 3D Rotation
06:24 Time Displacement
10:12 Cleaning up the displacement
12:27 Modifying the twist shape
13:26 Making it more dynamic
15:34 Preserving transparency
17:37 Getting into C4D Lite
19:01 C4D Lite Setup
21:16 Exporting a texture for C4D
23:07 Making a C4D Material
24:08 Creating the 3D block
26:17 Camera setup
27:20 Project and render settings
28:16 The Twist deformer
31:14 Previewing in AE
32:46 Animating the twist
34:53 Easing and adding dynamic movement
41:03 Compositing in AE
44:20 Thanks for watching!

Duration: 00:45:25