Hey Youtube,

Here is a very simple tutorial for a really cool text effect,

Here is the How to:

-Create a new file by going to New/File,

-Then chose a resolution for your picture, here I chose 800×600,Transparent background,

-Once you applied those settings, choose the paint bucket tool and select the background color, here I chose black(I strongly recommend that color)Left click on the empty picture to apply the color,

-Select the text tool, write the text you want and try to center it as well as you can,

-Duplicate the layer by pressing Ctrl+J, or right click on the text layer and then Duplicate Layer,

-One left click on the text copy layer, and go to Filter/Stylize/Wind,
you should have “Method: Wind” and “Direction : From the left”, click Ok to apply the settings, then go to Filter and click on Wind to apply the effect again (Or CTRL+F),
Remember that you have to apply the effect twice for each position.

-Go to Image/Rotate Canvas/180° and apply the effect 2 times,

-Go to Image/Rotate Canvas/180°, Image/RotateCanvas/90°CW, apply the effect 2 times,

-Go to Image/Rotate Canvas/180° , apply again 2 time the effect.

-Finally put the picture as its initial position by going to Image/Rotate Canvas/90°CW,

-Create a new layer, go to Layer/New/Click ok when the pop up shows up, go to the layer’s blending options and put it as ” Color ”

-Select the paint bucket tool and the color you want on the effect we made, and just click on the picture to apply the color.

It’s done, simple and cool effect.
Any questions, any problems, just leave a comment.

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