Tutorial on how to make an animation from a single image in photoshop

Link to the project page: http://bit.ly/2aEECj7

Basic Steps:
1) Download the Actions set from the link below and load that into your photoshop.
link to downlaod: https://gum.co/BCbDq
2) Enable ‘Button Mode’ in the action panel to make it easier to interact with the actions. And remember to change the photoshop workspace to ‘motion’.
3) Locate the actions (colored with yellow)
4) Open your photo in the photoshop
5) Click the first action named “Step1: Prepare image”
6) Then press the second action named “Step2,3: Add region”
7) The action stops here and gets red. It is ready for you to define a region you want to add motion to. Use the selection tools and select a region.
8) Press the action “Step2,3: Add region” again, you will see that the selection edges disappear and the action gets red again. At this point you need to use transform tools (from the edit menu) and make a transformation. Start with a basic translation if its your first time. You will see that the previously selected region move on top of the background as you translate it. DO NOT mess with other tools and don’t do anything else except applying a transformation.
9) Click on the action “Step2,3: Add region” again. It’s color should get yellow meaning that you are done with this region.
10) Follow the numbers 5-9 if you need to add motion to other regions and add as many region as you want.
11) Press the action “Step 4: Animate” and it creates the animation for you which you can then save as GIF or render as a video.

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