Tutorial: How To Use Matte Transitions In Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Resolve, & More

In this video editing tutorial, we show you how to use our Paper Transitions Collection as mattes to creatively transition between two video clips in different editing software.

Paper Transitions stock used: https://www.creatorvault.com/collections/8918/paper-transitions-stock-footage

Software covered in this tutorial are Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Resolve, and VEGAS.

This tutorial covers:
– The two layers that come with Paper Transitions (The matte itself & RGBA clip showing textures of the paper)
– Track mattes
– Alpha mattes
– Luma mattes
– Adjusting mattes based on composition size
– Process similarities in different software (AE, Final Cut, Vegas, and Resolve)

-0:00-0:20 Intro
-0:20-3:07 Using alpha mattes in Premiere
-3:07-4:53 Using luma mattes in Premiere
-4:53-5:43 How to use 4K matte transition in a 1920×1080 sequence
-5:43-6:48 Using matte transitions in AE
-6:48-7:57 Using matte transitions in Final Cut Pro
-7:57-10:07 Using matte transitions in VEGAS Pro
-10:07-12:39 Using matte transitions in Resolve
-12:39-13:14 Outro

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Duration: 00:13:16