Tutorial – How to Import Video in Photoshop for Rotoscoping

Since I have recently discovered the screen record tool in QuickTime Player, I have decided to create an instructional video on how to import a video into Adobe Photoshop for rotoscoping. Apologies if some of my commentary is out of place with the on-screen actions but I had to record it separately because apparently the screen recorder in QuickTime Player does not record sound. I have added subtitles in case you need to pause the video and write down the instructions.

Note: I have made this video after my video on how to do rotoscoping in Photoshop so I suggest you watch this one first.

Rotoscoping tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGLK_2j8sUk

Music: Going Higher
Royalty free and available from www.bensound.com

Duration: 00:03:57