Tutorial: How to create vector repeat marble texture in Adobe Illustrator. Textile Design

Tutorial: How to create vector repeat marble texture in Adobe Illustrator. Textile Design. I am a freelance textile designer and if you have questions or need further help finding great vector repeat patterns, please visit http://oksancia.com/ and get in touch!

In this video, I talk about my way of how to create vector repeat marble texture in Adobe Illustrator using my source photo of marble stone and my pattern design system. You will learn how to add texture to vector repeat patterns.

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If you are interested in learning how to make vector repeat marble texture, then this video is for you.

I am talking about:
1) Taking source photos for your vector textures.

2) Using Live Trace tool in Adobe Illustrator CC to vectorize the photo.

3) Creating a seamless repeat vector pattern tile from your traced texture.

4) Applying vector marble texture to add interest to my existing bamboo leaves vector repeat pattern.

Hope this video was helpful for you to get you started creating vector repeat marble texture in Adobe Illustrator. Thanks for watching!



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