Tutorial for Premiere Pro

This kid explains the absolute basics of video editing in adobe premiere pro cc 2019. I had trouble finding good tutorials but I figured it out eventually. Now I am trying to help out others with the same problem by providing a full tutorial to anyone willing to spend some of your precious time in this tutorial. Learn basic video editing and video design with this tutorial. Learn some essential shortcut keys and more with this tutorial plus there is a level two coming up in the series. The video is separated into chapters for your convenience. Subscribe for more tutorials and fun videos.

0:00 -Intro
0:12 -Lesson Overview
0:37 -Creating a Project
1:02 -Importing Video
2:11 -Rearranging Clips
3:09 -Resizing Window
3:50 -Basic Sound Design
5:38 -Trimming
6:39 -Export
9:15 -Outro
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Duration: 00:09:37