Tutorial: Drawing in the Illustrator app on an Ipad Pro

In this video I go over the basics of the new Illustrator app on the ipad pro. You’ll learn about a few drawings tools and watch me draw a full illustration of my little blue kitty. You’ll even see what happens when the app crashes haha.

Tools of the Program

Drawing in Illustrator

Creating Clipping Masks

Coloring with Gradients

This is my first tutorial video – I’ll get better I promise.
Please leave a comment if you want me to make a more detailed tutorial about any of these tools.
I’ll also be making some tutorials for Adobe Animate and Procreate.

Things I learned while making this:
1: I need an actual microphone. Is that what I sound like??
2: Editing takes a long time, especially when your cat is mewing through a lot of clips.

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Duration: 00:43:07

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